Do You Have a Slip and Fall case?

Did you know that not all personal injury cases are the same.? Yes this is true.

Some cases are stronger than others, which is why you should always speak with a slip and fall attorney after being injured to know how strong of a case you have on your hands and if it is worth pursuing. The key word being worth
 There are a few incidents where a slip and fall scenario can lead to a strong case, especially whenever experiencing an injury on a businesses’ property.  .Other common places where personal injury happens are hotels or plazas and the list goes on.

The following is a breakdown of situations in which slip and fall occurs;

Wet Floors
Injuries from slip and falls are common due to wet floors. Water leaks, freshly mopped floors, or even tracked in rain and snow can cause puddles and slick floors. 
A business and premises should always have proper signs and warnings in place to alert and protect customers. If possible, it is even best to block off slippery areas. If you do fall and injure yourself and there were no signs or acts of prevention on the business’ part, the business is held liable and you will have a strong case due to their negligence. Typical signs that you will see that should be displayed  are "The Caution Wet Floor" signs.

Damaged Floors

Wet floors aren’t the only danger, damaged floors can also cause a slip and fall injury. Carpet, rugs, and hardwood floors all must be in safe condition. Uneven floors can cause customers to trip and fall.
It is the responsibility of the business to make sure the floors are safe and if not, signs should be in place to alert customers. For example "Watch your step"

Missing Hardware
In addition to warning signs for wet or damaged floors, other hardware such as handrails must also be available to prevent slip and fall injuries. Especially along stairs and walkways, a business and premises should have a handrail for customers. This is why you normally see the "Please use handrails" or "Please hold onto handrails " signs.
A business should also have easy handicap access areas. Failure to provide these things can lead to slip and fall injuries and a strong case for the victim when negligence is proven. 

Working with a Slip and Fall Attorney
Whenever you are involved in a slip and fall and suffer from an injury, it is crucial to receive medical assistance right away and report the incident to the business or premises owner. It is likely they will contact their attorney
The next step is to meet with a trusting personal injury attorney who specializes in slip and fall claims. In the country of Jamaica, you must bring a slip and fall claim forward within 6 years of the incident. 

The Law Offices of Deanna McFarlane offers the experience and support needed to successfully win a slip and fall case. We have the skills to fight for you and get what you deserve while holding the responsible party accountable. Call us at 876 388 0935! Our email details are also on our site #personalinjury #personalinjurylawyer #Jamaica #pi #slipandfall 

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