We offer impeccable representation to our clients from the Resident Magistrate Court  and Supreme Court through to the Privy Council. Our aim is to always to do our professional best in the handling of our cases with integrity and professionalism. We do not practice criminal law.  Examples of our civil law areas are:

 Personal injury
 Family Law
 Contract Law
 Corporate Law

 Immigration Law

Conveyancing  & Real Estate
The dream of owning a home is a common goal of many aspiring individuals. Yet to accomplish such a major feat can seem to be a daunting task. At the Law Offices of  Deanna McFarlane we guide you through the process in detail as we have the experience of handling these transactions.  This portfolio also covers areas such as:

 Recovery of possession
 Registration of Mortgages and the Mortgage Process
 Conveyancing-Buying & Purchasing
 Drafting of Leases/ Licences
 Land Transfer
 Restrictive Covenants
 Tenancy Agreements.

We believe that the protection of our clients is paramount. We cover a wide range of corporate matters including but not limited to drafting & reviewing of contracts and obligations of shareholders to name a few along with assisting of annual returns.

Divorce & Family Law
Affairs of the heart which certainly includes the family are a sensitive area and the team at  The Law Offices of Deanna McFarlane aim to handle  this area of law with utmost care and professionalism. The fairytale of happily ever after is oftentimes not possible and the team provides guidance in family law and divorce matters ranging from but not limited to:

 Division of property

As a team that cares about its client, we not only guide you every step of the way, but also provide support for these matters and are willing to work aggresively to have the matter resolved in the interests of all the parties involved and we have experience at both the Family Court and Supreme Court for such matters.

Personal Injury
An accident can dramatically shatter the quality of your life in an instant. Such a potentially life changing event can leave one frustrated, scared and stressed. Our personal injury team has a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury matters from the simple to the complex. We have haave in depth understanding experience and knowledge in dealing with insurance companies in ensuring we get the maxium compensation possible for you ,our client.
Some of our personal injury areas  to name a few are:

 Injury on the job
 Wrongful death
 Dog Bite
 Motor vehicle accidents
 Premises liability.

We aim to have our personal injury matters resolved as amicably as possible with settlements out of court especially since the client may not have the time for court and work assiduosly for you our client, in order to ensure fulll recovery and compensation.
In going the extra mile,,we do pursue litigation where necessary at the Supreme Court and Resident Magistrate’s Courts.  We provide guidance, and in depth negotiation for personal injury matters at every stage as we are relationship-oriented . We do not practice medical negligence claims.

At The Law Offices of Deanna McFarlane, we aim to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients across the globe that is tapered to our client’s needs. As a concierge practice, being a key element of the Firm, we will go to our clients when needed. We are, legally yours.

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